Electric motors are the largest electricity consumers in the world representing over 40% of global consumption
($565 Billion/year).

Engineering intelligent solutions that address demand for energy efficiency and long-term sustainability are at the core of inMotive’s product development platform. Our current focus is to improve both the performance and efficiency of electric motors used in industrial applications.


Against the backdrop of steadily rising energy costs and ever-increasing demand, industrial operators face a fundamental problem: 75% of electric motors are over-sized and under-loaded, revealing a substantial inherent inefficiency in the system.


inMotive’s Mechatronic Variable Speed Drive (Mechatronic VSD) is a disruptive innovation that addresses operational cost factors and performance inefficiencies of industrial electric motors head-on. inMotive’s patented technology allows motors to be right-sized, saving 50% of the upfront costs and 10-15% of the operating costs compared to the best solution currently available. No other solution exists that can right-size motors like the Mechatronic VSD.